The Géocorail® innovation

Géocorail® reinforces the sand bed and protects against scouring. By extending the lifespan of structures, reducing maintenance costs and protecting the environment, it generates indisputable economic and environmental benefits.


A natural aggregate derived from an electrochemical process

Géocorail® is manufactured on-site by a combination of electrochemical reactions of seawater and sediment trapping.
The system enables the formation of a rock conglomerate around a grill, which is specially designed to hold aggregates.
The aggregation process sets off electric currents (very low voltage) that circulate in the seawater and in the soils and sediments or debris transported by the waves.

The Géocorail® manufacturing process

Electrochemical process + sediments = Géocorail®

The electrolysis process in seawater naturally leads to the formation of a calc-magnesium deposit that is more than 10 centimetres thick, resulting from the sediments of all types transported by seawater.
The rock concretion process continues for as long as the electric current is maintained.
Any potential deterioration of the material (cracks, splitting, etc.) is offset and reverted by the self-healing capacity of Geocorail®.

An empathetic aggregate in its environment

An environmentally-friendly and aesthetic solution, which generates matter that contributes to erosion resistance and continuous scouring

When the site considered is characterised by sediment movements, no external sediments are brought in.
The sea takes over the job: the water itself carries the required materials that will come and stick on the base.
Therefore, no two “Géocorail®s” are identical across sites, since the sediments drained by the sea are not the same (type, colour, etc.).

Advantages of Geocorail®

Géocorail® has properties that present many advantages

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