The company

Géocorail is a French simplified joint-stock company (Société par actions simplifiée) with share capital of €1,726,000, which has been backed since December 2012 by investment funds and individual entrepreneurs.
Its registered office is in the 16th arrondissement of Marseille
and its employees are distributed over its various sites.


Géocorail positions itself as a coastal and offshore engineering specialist.
Depending on the size of the project, Géocorail can act as a project manager
overseeing the work (small projects), a co-contractor (medium-sized projects), or a subcontractor (large projects).


At the heart of its high-added-value service strategy lies Géocorail®,
a highly innovative proposal to protect coasts and offshore structures.

Our public and private clients

Public and private stakeholders, coastal managers

Public and private stakeholders, coastal managers or operators
who provide maintenance for coastal or marine structures.

• Have you noticed the sea encroaching on the land in your territory?
• Are you looking to stabilize a coastline that recedes a little more every year?
• Do you want a solution to scouring issues at the bottom of structures such as quays, dikes, riprap, groynes, etc.?
• The infrastructure, housing, facilities etc. that are located on your territory are threatened by coastal erosion and you are looking for a practical solution to curb this erosion.


Professionals working at the land-sea interface
or in the offshore environment

• Are you looking to secure, anchor or protect subsea installations?
• Do you design, build or install subsea structures, and would you like to propose to your clients a solution to reinforce these structures using a new process?

Residents and Associations

Shoreline landowners, neighbourhood associations concerned about
the protection of the nearby coast

• Companies with seaside concessions
• Coastal associations and unions
• Owners of public and private properties, seaside investors


A team of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs,
specialising in industrial and marine issues

Philippe Andréani

Chief Executive Officer

Philippe ANDREANI has carried out most of his career within the Air Liquide group in which he occupied various positions in France, and North America, in engineering and operational management, then in general management. After setting up the Corporate Venture structure of Air Liquide, he joined Ecoslops in 2013, a global actor in the recycling of marine hydrocarbon wastes and became its deputy general manager. He was instrumental in its initial public offering in February 2015. Chief Executive Officer of Geocorail since November 2015, Philippe is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris.

Nicolas Verjat

Chief Technical Officer

Working for GEOCORAIL since the very beginning of the company after having been responsible for project design and management of sea water desalination stations with OTV, a branch of Veolia Water Technologies, Nicolas is in charge of development and technology design. He is a graduate of the Arts & Métiers engineering school. He has Level 2 SEA section, cathodic protection, Spring 2016.

Jérôme Solesio

Manager Automatics

After a carrier with the French Navy as a naval mechanic and deputy head of maintenance, Jérôme SOLESIO joined Raymond-Caillet-Automatisme, an engineering firm where he developed strong competencies in Automatic and in industrial IT and maintenance for Haribo, then for Géocorail. Jérôme is a graduate of Maistrance School (Brest) and of the naval instruction center (St Mandrier), as welle as a certified AFPA Senior Technician in Automatic and industrial IT (Istres).

Alaric Zanibellato

Manager, R&D

Alaric holds a PhD in Marine Corrosion and Electrochemistry from La Rochelle University, and recently defended his thesis on Geocorail®. He previously received his Research Master’s degree studying nanomaterials at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse. Alaric is also in charge of the R&D test bench in Fos sur Mer.

Sébastien Bigaré

Manager, Business Development

Sébastien worked as an independent entrepreneur then as Sales Manager for both large and small companies in the south of France. His experience in providing services to both the private and public sectors, on markets related to the building industry allowed him to develop a real expertise in the field of the response to public tenders which is a key competency for the success of Geocorail. Sébastien is a graduate of ESSCA.

Rémy Solat

Head of Construction and Manager of Hyperbaric Activities

A Class 2A Diver / Nitrox-Trimix Patent, Rémy had already participated in several projects as a subcontractor for Geocorail before joining the company. Rémy brings over 20 years of experience of underwater works, first as an employee of renowned companies, then as the manager of his own company. Used to complex and atypical jobs requiring multiple teams of divers, his first priority is the safety of the men he supervises. Rémy also has degrees in aircraft mechanics and in piping and metal work

Scientific Contacts

Brahim Benaissa

Expert in Structures and Corrosion, Marine and River engineering. Former manager at CETMEF/MEDDE. Brahim has obtained Ministry of Education and Scientific Research approval.

Pierre-Joseph Scharr

Former head of the cathodic protection division at GDF. Inventor of Géocorail®. Pierre-Joseph is a graduate of the Supaero aeronautical engineering school.


In parallel with the filing of the patent for Géocorail®, the company is actively pursuing an R&D programme with three major university partners under the aegis of the French National Research Agency (ANR) for the Ecocorail project.

This research includes studies of germination and growth mechanisms of concretions (in the laboratory and in the natural environment: La Rochelle, Luc sur Mer, Noumea and Wallis-and-Futuna) and the study of the behaviour of the entire structure with respect to corrosion.

The results of this research will contribute to the work on the Géocorail pilot sites.

Laboratory tests: Physical testing at the St Venant Hydraulic Laboratory: behaviour of the sandy beach profile in a wave basin

1Ecole des Ponts

ECOCORAIL R&D Project: NRA innovative materials and processes programme

2Université La Rochelle
3Université de Caen
Université de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

Geocapture Project: capture and decontamination of offshore sediments


Pilot Project: Pilot Construction Project: Monitoring of sedimentation, retention and impact with the implementation of Géocorail® at the base of the dikes and the foreshore.


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