Change in the governance of GEOCORAIL SAS

Change in the governance of GEOCORAIL SAS

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Marseille, 10 February 2017 – GEOCORAIL, an innovative company specialized in the prevention of coastal erosion and the protection of marine structures, announced the reorganisation of its Board of Directors following the General Meetings on 25 October and 25 November 2016.
The company is chaired by Holding Incubatrice (HI) Chimie Verte, itself represented by its Chairman, Dominique Bouvier. This change takes place following the absorption of GEOCORAIL’s original shareholder, HI Matières Premières et Matériaux, by HI Chimie Verte.

Mr Jérôme Gallot has also been appointed company director. He will therefore join Philippe Andréani, Eric Besson, Dominique Michel, Erik Orsenna and Alexandre Ouimet on GEOCORAIL’s Board of Directors.

• Dominique Bouvier holds a law degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (National Higher Institute of Chemical Industries, ENSIC) in Nancy. He started his career with the Degrémont Group. In 1999, he joined the Entrepose Group. He jointly managed the acquisition (MBO) of Entrepose Contracting, which inherited Entrepose’s international activities in 2002, then organised its flotation on the stock market in 2005. He was appointed Chairman and CEO in 2007, a position he occupied until he retired in June 2014. Since June 2015, Dominique has been Chairman of EVOLEN, an Association of companies and professionals from Energy Industry.

• Jérôme Gallot is a fellow of Ecole nationale d’administration and a graduate of the IEP in Paris. He held many decision-making positions in the central administration (in particular general manager of DGCCRF) and ministerial staff offices. Jérôme Gallot was Chairman of CDC Entreprises, then Chief Executive Officer of Veolia Transdev SA. He is a director of many publicly-traded companies.

GEOCORAIL develops and commercializes innovative solutions to mitigate shore erosion and protect maritime coastal works and offshore structures. These solutions are based on an electrochemical process respectful of the environment that allows the in situ creation of a natural stone from minerals present at the site. The Geocorail® exhibits a high mechanical resistance and presents an aspect which allows it to blend into its surroundings. It also offers the advantage of sequestrating some of the carbon that is present in the oceans. The Geocorail® formation mechanism can also be used to trap and recover certain pollutants present in the marine environment, such as heavy metals. GEOCORAIL continues the development and optimization of its process for direct applications and is looking to partner with major players in maritime engineering for applications complementing existing engineering practices. GEOCORAIL was founded and advised by Truffle Capital in 2012 and is supported, since its creation, by the Holding Incubatrice “Commodities and Materials”.

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