We are fighting against coastal erosion
and reinforcing natural and artificial marine structures

We design, develop and market original solutions
to fight coastal erosion
and the scouring of natural and artificial marine structures
by mobilising the innovative but proven characteristics of Géocorail®

A situation that is increasingly unacceptable for the environment and for human activity

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A natural aggregate derived from an electrochemical process

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Coastal and marine structures, slope stabilisation, etc.

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Coastal managers and operators, professionals on the land-sea interface, residents, etc.

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Our vision

Innovation and sustainable preservation

Coastal erosion, which causes environmental, economic and even humanitarian disasters, is of increasing concern to shoreline landowners, the public and private stakeholders in charge of the coast and the public authorities of the countries that own and use the marine coastline. The current solutions, which are often costly and look unsightly, could be greatly improved in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

Géocorail develops and markets an innovative product that actively involves the sea in coastal protection: Géocorail®. This innovative and patented electrochemical process consists of creating an artificial rock that is used to protect marine structures and combat coastal erosion.

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We study and implement custom-made technical solutions within the constraints of the natural or artificial sites of our public or private clients

Advantages of Geocorail

Unique properties


Géocorail® is formed over time and is self-restoring.


Géocorail® fixes elements that are naturally present in seawater without the need for any external additions.

Positive carbon footprint

The physico-chemical reaction traps carbon.


Composed of natural elements found in the sea, Géocorail® retains the colour and granulometry of its components (sand, sea shells, pebbles, etc.).

 Easy to implement

Géocorail® is produced directly on-site and requires very low voltage electricity, which poses no danger.


September 20 : inauguration in presence of the Board of Directors of GEOCORAIL of the Research and Development Centre at the port of Fos (Bouches-du-Rhône).

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